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Commitment to Service Above and Beyond

Whispering Winds in Bend, OR, has a staff of caring and compassionate professionals who are fully-trained and have extensive experience providing exceptional services to seniors.

Carrie Kasch

Carrie Kasch

Carrie Kasch is the General Manager of Whispering Winds. She has worked for us since 2005. She is honored to be a part of a team that shares the same philosophy and dedication to enriching the lives of our residents. The sense of family that is shared between our residents, their families, and our employees is why Carrie loves coming to work every day!

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Jodi Clugston, Assistant Manager

Jodi Clugston started working for Whispering Winds in 2016. Jodi loves to watch the residents having fun and enjoying life. Her favorite part of her job is getting to know all the residents and their family members. She also loves working with such a great team.

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Angela Vanderpool, Marketing Director

Angela Vanderpool, Director of Culture Engagement

Angela Vanderpool is the director of culture and engagement at Whispering Winds. She has spent the last 15 years working for our company. She is a certified life coach and an advanced grief recovery specialist. She is passionate about empowering our employees to live their best lives and experience tremendous personal and professional fulfillment. She also leads a support group for people struggling with parents who are aging or struggling with any health issues.

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Judy Duggan, Assistant Manager

Judy Duggan, Community Relations Director

Judy Duggan is the Community Relations Director of Whispering Winds. She started her career with us in 2013. She loves working here because everyone is a part of one, big, extended, happy family. She loves that part of her job duties is to have fun and make people smile. Call her today, and she will show you everything Whispering Winds has to offer.

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Ron Hillard, Housekeeping Manager

Ron Hillard, Hospitality Director

Ron Hillard is the Hospitality Director for Whispering Winds. He started working with us in 2010. The thing he loves most about his job is the residents. Being able to share their stories and memories is truly special.

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Amber Mcglynn, Executive Chef

Amber Mcglynn joined the Whispering Winds community as an executive chef in 2020. She loves working here because she gets to travel the world through food. She enjoys bringing her passion and creativity to create culinary delights for the residents and staff. Amber is excellent at working with the residents who have dietary restrictions and helping them find delicious food that will fit into their diets.

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Talitha Pendergrass, Activity Director

Talitha started as our activity director in 2020. She moved to the area from Fairbanks, Alaska. Talitha is a firm believer of “home is where the heart is” and has undoubtably found a home right here at Whispering Winds. She loves the atmosphere and seizes every opportunity to engage with our residents. She is no stranger to customer service and entertainment; she finds her position the perfect opportunity to utilize her skillset and ensure everyone is having a top-notch time here at Whispering Winds!

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Lisa wearing a green shirt

Lisa Gentz, Fitness Director

Lisa Gentz started as the Fitness Director for Whispering Winds in 2016. Expanding the Fitness Program to include two Fitness Directors. Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer and has a degree in Healthy Older Adults Fitness/Fitness Technology. Lisa is looking forward to using her past experience to help expand the Fitness Program at Whispering Winds.

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Jacob posing for a photo

Jacob Witherspoon, Maintenance Director

I was raised by my grandparents in Eastern Oregon. Everything I know, I learned from working with my grandfather on the farm. Being raised by my grandparents is why I love working in senior communities. I knew I wanted to work maintenance when I was a kid and it has never changed.

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Erin Oliveira, Business Office Manager

Erin started her career with Whispering Winds in 2013. During that time, Erin worked with almost every department. She is currently our business office manager, but you will likely find Erin all over the building helping all departments wherever she is needed. Erin also loves working with our employees and creating an inclusive culture.